Mozilla Hindi & Marathi Community Meet-up 2019

It was a fantastic weekend with great speakers and a great group of people who are passionate about Localization.

I arrived in Pune, the night before the start of the meetup on December 13th followed by a team dinner where we were meet and greet with other contributors.

Day 1:

Umesh took us on a quick ride, right from Introduction & agenda for the Meet-up to Expectation.


The secondary session “How to bring Impact on Mozilla mission through localization and QA”  was conducted by Faisal Aziz and he has covered following topics:

The history of software industry dynamics leading to open source being mainstream strategy is to increase the user base for your product
everybody is moving to open source.


Why you don’t need to restrict yourself to a platform/technology to develop the application.

Understanding Individual’s Role 

Speaker: Ravi Kumbhkar


Keep watch on the list of contributors, and send a guideline mail detailing proper translation guideline.

Translator access is given to someone with a future plan for long term affiliation for community and drives to contribute.

Pontoons Tips and Tricks

Speakers: Mahtab and Dhiraj

  • What’s new in Pontoon
  • Integration with
  • How to translate “Access Key”
  • How to raise the issue
  • Discourse: topic
  • Transvision has a glossary
  • Keep watch on notifications for deadline
  • Microsoft glossary is also open to all
Hindi and Marathi Product reviews and team break out sessions
  • Teams reviewed the apps for translation errors.
  • Hindi team completed reviewing Firefox Lite.
  • Marathi team completed testing Firefox on Android and updated the error strings.
  • Both teams worked on resolving ambiguities in confusing words to translate.

During the Individual Team Breakout – I have done the Firefox for Android Quality Check & Terminology Consistency & Testing.


Speaker: Faisal Aziz 

Use of Bugzilla, a bug tracking tool

Bugzilla remain a useful tool for reporting and commenting on bugs, feature requests, and tasks for the Mozilla community. Bugzilla is both free as in freedom and free as in price. Most commercial defect-tracking software vendors charge enormous licensing fees. Features listed below were covered.

  •  Bug tracking
  •  Code Changes
  •  Budget Request
  •  Quality Assurance
  •   Advanced search is a great feature in bugzilla
  •   Explanation of features and parameters.

Swag Pack time!!!

Day 2:

December 15th we have started with the Agenda for the Day again with our very own Umesh and He brought to the table his experience in L10n and mozilla community.


Following topics were covered in the Individual Team break-outs session
  • We have Updated the style guides for Hindi, Marathi, followed by updating project information.
  • Resource links were corrected.
  • Marathi team have reviewed the Firefox desktop project, and corrections of translation errors found on the desktop build which were corrected on the spot.
Future Community Plans

Speaker:  Chandrakant Dhutadmal 


Chandrakant Sir has always inspired us to do better work, He has also added his visions and suggestion as below:

Instead of having one big event for all locales in one place, it would be better to have distributed events per locale. We can have MozCafes for l10n events. Small budgets will get the faster approval.He has addressed challenges faced by community members other than budget issues.

A meetup without cake is really just a meeting 😉
Want to be a Localizer?

You can read the following wiki page to know how to start contributing : 

Wiki for Marathi L10n:

The meetup is an unbelievable opportunity to meet not just other people, but the people who contribute to it. Everyone is so enthusiastic about where L10n is right now and where it plans to be in the future.

I love these opportunities to engage with Mozilla. It allows me and the rest of the team to build a better product and that directly benefits our beloved users.

Catch a glimpse of L10n meetup on twitter:

Screenshot_2019-12-30 mozl10npune19 - Twitter Search

Screenshot_2019-12-30 mozl10npune19 - Twitter Search(1)

Screenshot_2019-12-30 mozl10npune19 - Twitter Search(2)

Feedback and suggestions

For any team to grow, it is important that all the team members feel that they are part of it and are comfortable enough to give their feedback on how best to collaborate moving forward.

— Video tutorials are a better way for on-boarding.

A special thanks to Mr. Umesh Agrawal, Mr. Prathamesh Chavan, Mr. Chandrakant Dhatudmal, Mr. Faisal Aziz  for organizing this awesome meetup.

I look forward to 2020 for more of these awesome opportunities.

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